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NCHL  Premier Membership Programs

Leadership Excellence Networks (LENS)
The Leadership Excellence Networks™ (LENS) is an institutional membership group for leading healthcare organizations who recognize that their leadership development and talent management programs are integral to their strategic goals. The LENS team also offers four signature healthcare administration councils and oversees initiatives related to the NCHL Leadership Competency Model.

National Council on Administrative Fellowships (NCAF)
The National Council on Administrative Fellowships (NCAF) creates an industry standard in the recruitment for administrative fellows. In doing so, NCAF allows for a uniform and coordinated recruitment process, helps organizations access a national pipeline of the next generation of healthcare industry leaders, and brings fellowship sites and graduate health management programs together to share ideas and best practices.

US Cooperative for International Patient Programs (USCIPP)
The US Cooperative for International Patient Programs (USCIPP) is composed of American academic medical centers and health systems that work together to advance global access to US expertise in high-quality healthcare. USCIPP serves as the industry association of American healthcare providers that have international programs.

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